Lawn Plug Aeration- $40. Includes front and back yard. Plug aeration is recommended twice a year. Spring and Fall. Oversized lawns are subject to extra charge. 


​​Savin' Green Lawn and Sprinkler LLC    "High quality work without the high prices" 

Sprinkler Start-up/ Blow-out​- $45 up to 8 zones, $5 per zone after 8. Sprinkler Start-up includes adjustments of heads for best coverage, inspecting system for any leaks or needed repairs, and setting of the sprinkler clock. Sprinkler Blow-out or Winterizing the system clears the lines of water to avoid any freeze damage happening over the winter. Service is 100% guaranteed as long as it is performed prior to the first "hard freeze"

Lawn Mowing- Weekly $35, Bi-Weekly (every other week) $55, One-time $60. Our mowing services include mowing, trimming around edges and obstacles, and blowing all clippings off sidewalks or where needed. Bagging of grass can be added for an additional cost. Our weekly and bi-weekly service also include edging with a blade (once a month).

Power Raking (De-thatching)- $75. Includes front and back. Power raking is recommended once a year. Generally done in the spring months, but can be done in the fall as well. Clean-up is included, bagged and left with homeowner, can haul away for $3 per bag. Oversized lawns are subject to extra charge. 

Lawn Fertilizing- $35, $45 for organic. Your lawn needs nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Fertilizing should be done 3 to 4 times throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. If you have pets/ kids that you are worried about, we offer an organic mix that is safe for your kids and pets. 

Sprinkler Repairs- Price Varies. Whether you need your backflow repaired or a sprinkler head replaced, we can take care of it. Sending us a pic or description via e-mail will allow us to give you an accurate quote.